New wind farm in Croatia

New wind turbines to supply Zadar County with electricity. A new wind energy plant expected to supply 70 per cent of Zadar County housholds with electricity will open in January 2012.

Sixteen wind turbines that are being constructed will have the strength of 37 megawatts. The wind power project is worth some 37 million Euros.

Some 20 per cent of Croatia’s energy is expected to come from renewable sources by year 2020. At the moment, however, Croatia has some 30 wind turbines while Germany has close to 15,000.

According to some announcements, wind turbines in Dalmacia should be producing between 300 and 400 megawatts of electrical energy within the next five to six years. That is about the same amount that nuclear power plant Krsko produces, Croatian Radio Television (HRT) reports.