Ped ESR1000 Electric Scooter

The Go-Ped ESR1000 electric scooter is the newest model now available from online electric bike and scooter dealer, The Go-Ped ESR1000 incorporates new Lithium Phosphate Polymer (LiFePo4) battery technology into the electric scooter. Go-Ped’s LiFePo4 batteries offer the majority of the performance benefits found in the more costly Lithium Ion powered units, but at a much lower cost.

All things considered, the Go-Ped ESR1000 is the same as the initial ESR’s manufactured by Go-Ped, but the power source is greatly improved. Whether you are looking at the ESR750, ESR750EX, ESR1000 or the ESR1000EX, all of the ESR units share the same platform. They are all built using the same components and it is the battery system that makes them different. Go-Ped has essentially duplicated the impressive performance characteristics of the Lithium Ion batteries and done so at a much reduced cost. It’s important to note that the upgraded ESR Hoverboard is built on the same platform, too. It simply adds the advanced suspension system for rough riding and off-road terrain.

The Go-Ped ESR1000’s main advantage is in these LiFePo4 batteries. They have several advantages over the older SLA’s and the more advanced Li-Ion’s. The Li-Ion model has the most superior battery system on the market today and gives the rider slightly longer range, but are very expensive. Sealed Lead Acid batteries are heavy and large and can only be charged a few hundred times before they need to be replaced. The ESR1000 offers an extra two miles of range in "Turbo Mode" over the older SLA powered model, too. LiFePo4’s offer a very efficient, cost effective and powerful power source for this electric scooter.

"When Go-Ped set the bar for gas powered scooters 20 plus years ago, I bet they never expected they would be pushing electric scooter technology in the years to come," explains President, Frank Minero. "The ESR750 was 1st gen, followed up by the full suspension ESR750H Hoverboard. They’ve been pushing the boundaries ever since. The most recent improvement in battery tech is what’s really got us excited. The ESR1000 is a fantastic scooter."

Now that Go-Ped has adding the ESR1000 to its inventory, they have three different electric scooter power sources; Li-Ion, SLA and LiFePo4. These new batteries along with their commitment to perfection makes Go-Ped the top manufacturer of stand-up electric scooters in the world today.