Wind Power in Canada

Canada ranks as the 9th largest market in the world with a wind energy capacity of 4,009 MW at the end of 2010: an increase of 21% on the prior year.

Analyzing Wind Energy in Canada provides a detailed analysis of wind energy capacity and the generation of electricity from wind in Canada, using the latest available data. Coverage includes installed and added volumes; shares of total, renewable and non-hydro renewable energy sources; growth rates against other renewable energy sectors; and forecasts to 2020. All from a local, regional and global perspective with comparisons to other leading markets regionally and worldwide.

Part of Energici’s databook series, this report can be reviewed against others in the series to compare sector and country performance and put trends into global perspective.


Volumes, shares, growth rates and forecasts.
Comprehensive analysis of current and historical installed capacity, added capacity, net generation and net consumption statistics
Forecasts through to 2020 with gap analysis against stated targets
Analysis at the provincial, country, regional and global level.
Comparison of wind energy versus trends in biomass and waste energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity and solar energy.
Relative ranking of the local market against regional and global rivals.

Key Data Points

installed capacity (total, per capita, per GDP, per sq km)
added capacity
net generation
net consumption
% of total capacity
% of renewable capacity
% of non-hydro renewable capacity
% net generation
% net consumption
1 year growth rates %
5 year compound annual growth rates %
capacity:generation ratios