$903 million will cost to Bolivia produce lithium ion batteries for electric cars

The project for the manufacture of lithium ion batteries have a final budget of $ 903 million. Within months the pilot plant will be delivered, along the Salar de Uyuni in Llipi, a second part of the project includes operation of these facilities for the generation of lithium carbonate and the third and most difficult phase is the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles.

The Mayor of Uyuni, Froilan Condon, said the first phase being completed at a cost of $ 18 million, the second phase will reach a cost of $ 485 million, while the third phase, which has budgeted $ 400 million.

"They are guaranteed three projects, one being completed with many delays (Llipi), with a $ 18 million, a second phase of lithium carbonate factory and the third phase is the manufacture of electric batteries. The 2015 would have to be ending, "said Condon Fides Mar Uyuni.

The ambitious project, explained the mayor uyunense not only benefit the region, including the Department and the country because it will mean new revenues that will benefit the entire state in general. "Not only will be for the region for the region will be preferred, but will also generate for the Department and throughout the country as well as in the case of gas and the Direct Tax on Hydrocarbons," said mayor.

By José Santamarta, www.asemve.es/