Enel with EPIA to remove barriers to photovoltaic solar power deployment

The photovoltaic sector has created dynamic and appealing markets in Europe and an unprecedented installed capacity. Nevertheless, barriers and open issues still hinder the full deployment of the solar source. This is why the EU Consortium PV LEGAL submitted a set of recommendations for the removal and simplification of bureaucratic barriers and for gaining access to the network of PV plants. PV LEGAL is a cross-European project that joins some of the main associations in this industry, including EPIA, to which the Enel participates through Enel.si.

The document proposes several strategies with specific recommentations, including:

– creating rapid and simple and integrated bureaucratic processes

– defining precise schedules, deadlines and guidelines for planning authorities

– involving bodies that are in charge of defining technical standards

– turning technical standards and connection rules mandatory

– improving grid-connection processes and defining sanction for failure to observe deadlines

– seriously facing issues regarding network capacity, assessing costs, benefits and potential action to extend and develop the grid, considering the singularities and the potential of renewables and of distributed generation.

EPIA is Europe’s photovoltaic industry association of which Enel.si is a member.

It is formed by 200 other members that represent the entire solar PV value chain, including silicon, wafer, cell and module production, system integrators and installers, as well as electricity producers and marketing and selling operators.

Its members, from all 5 continents, have turned EPIA into this industry’s greatest association in the world. There are already 200,000 working in this sector today, and a strong increase is expected to take place over the next few years.