Dorobantu wind energy plant begins operations in Romania

Dorobantu Wind Farm, located in Dobrogea (south-east), an investment worth about 90 million euros, has started its commercial operations on October 1, this year, with an installed capacity of 45 MW. The wind power plant is equipped with 15 Vestas V90-3 MW wind turbines. Construction of the wind farm began in the second half of last year and was completed in July this year.

Later, together with Vestas, the turbine supplier, tests were made, necessary for the wind turbines to begin operations. Also, a series of tests were made together with Transelectrica, to check the integration of the wind farm into the national grid.

The green certificates allocated to production of electricity resulted from this wind farm will be used mainly to cover the regulated quota afferent to the electricity consumption of the company (about 1 TWh / year), the difference going to be sold on the market in Romania, according to valid regulations.

‘With Petrom Group sustainable development in view, its strategy includes diversifying its activities by addressing the electricity market. In this context, Petrom has a gas power plant of 860 MW under construction, at Brazi and started commercial operations at Dorobantu wind park, with a capacity of 45 MW ‘, the company informs in its press release.

Petrom Group is the largest oil group in South-East Europe, with activities in Exploration and Production, Refining and Marketing, Gas and Energy sectors. The group consolidated its position on the petroleum market in South-East Europe following an ample process of modernization, and for its implementation investments of over 6.6 billion euros were made over the last six years.