Wind power will certainly grow

The chapter on wind turbines in Mr. Yergin’s "The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World" concludes as follows: "[I]t is still early days … [wind’s] share will certainly grow as governments and publics seek carbon-free electric generation. It is one alternative that can clearly deliver today … wind today is part of the landscape of the electric power industry. Indeed, so much is already happening today that–though it might pain some of the pioneers and they might even regard it as the most backhanded of compliments–wind energy has reached a stage where it is no longer really an ‘alternative.’ It is becoming a ‘conventional’ energy source–still relatively small and facing its own constraints and challenges, but increasingly visible on the landscape of electric power and surely still on a fast track to growth."

Mr. Yergin is Chairman of IHS CERA, an energy strategy consulting firm.

Tom Gray,