Ghana – Solar Energy will facilitate rural electrification

He said it was not only economical, but also dependable and had the potential to promote efficient electricity supply on a more sustainable basis.

Mr Addae who is also the Managing Director of Ecosolar and Construction Company Limited, was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on “Benefits of Solar Energy” in Accra and said if government embraced the programme it would lead to about 70 per cent reduction of the energy demand on the national power grid.

He said the reduction would also enable the Government to export more electric power to neighboring countries to accrue revenue for development.

Mr Addae said the use of solar energy would reduce expenditure on the importation of electric ware by 90 per cent and save consumers the trouble of getting their electrical gadgets such as fridges, fans and sound systems damaged as a result of rampant power fluctuations and power cuts. He said Ecosolar provided permanent solar power supply for homes, offices, hospitals and schools, among other places.