Wind data specialist to offer Second Wind’s Triton sodar for wind energy resource assessment

Onsemble kicks off managed wind data service, rolls out wind power resource assessment services by becoming a certified Triton installer. Founded to bring hub-height data to the wind industry, Niwot, CO-based wind data provider Onsemble has added Second Wind’s Triton® Sonic Wind Profiler to its measurement toolkit. Onsemble offers wind power developers, wind farm owners, and utilities a variety of services centered around improving the certainty of wind measurements. "I’ve long been a believer in remote sensing for the wind industry," says Anish Parikh, Onsemble’s vice president. "As Onsemble has developed our full-service offering for companies conducting wind resource campaigns, Second Wind’s Triton is a perfect fit."

Onsemble completed its certification as a Tier 2 Triton installer this spring and is qualified to site and commission Tritons. By maintaining a fleet of rental Tritons and specializing in challenging installations, Onsemble will allow its customers to begin wind measurement campaigns on short notice and to access hard-to-reach locations. "We can site a Triton just about anywhere a Sno-Cat or ATV can go," says Parikh. "For example, if tower-mounted equipment fails in an ice storm, bringing a Triton in can prevent a study from being interrupted. Together with Second Wind, we offer customers a worry-free wind measurement campaign."

Onsemble offers turnkey Triton packages on a subscription basis as a managed service, meaning no installation, commissioning, or data management for developers. "As a company with years of expertise in wind data and a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to the industry, Onsemble is highly qualified to help customers with their wind measurement projects," says Lee Alnes, Second Wind’s VP of sales. "We are looking forward to working with Onsemble as they build out their service offerings."

In addition to its wind measurement services, Onsemble operates a nationwide sensor network and provides real-time wind energy data on a subscription basis. Onsemble’s wind data is used by in-house meteorologists to better predict wind events, by traders to stay on top of wind fluctuations, and by asset managers to optimize pricing. Parikh sees great potential for integrating Triton data into the Onsemble network. "Onsemble chose to offer Triton to our customers because of its reliability and autonomous operation. We see Triton as a powerful solution for developers who want to limit the uncertainty in project financing — as well as a technology with great promise in wind forecasting."

Triton is an advanced remote sensing system that uses SODAR (sound detection and ranging) technology to measure wind at greater heights than the previous tower-based standard. Triton’s compact form, ease of deployment, low power requirements and high level of reliability give wind power companies the versatility to streamline the wind farm development process.

Second Wind provides the wind energy industry with the intelligence required to plan, finance and operate highly efficient, profitable wind generation facilities. Second Wind’s WindIQ™ initiative helps the wind industry transform data into insight, making wind information more valuable, accessible, and meaningful. Second Wind’s integrated product and service offerings include SkyServe® web-based wind data service; the Triton® Sonic Wind Profiler; the ProMast™ 60 met mast; and Nomad® 2 Wind Data Logger systems.

Onsemble is a leading provider of real-time data products to the renewable energy industry. Via its national portfolio of hub-height meteorological sensors, Onsemble collects high quality wind information and delivers real-time and archived data products to energy forecasters, system operators, utilities and wind farm operators. Based in Niwot, Colorado, Onsemble is a TEAI company.