LM Wind Power Launch LM e-Load

LM Wind Power has developed a new load assessment tool in cooperation with GL Garrad Hassan based on their Bladed 4.1 software.

LM Wind Power (LMWP) explain that the online web service provides access to the industry’s largest blade catalogue and helps wind turbines manufacturers speed up the blade qualification process significantly. According to LMWP they are the first in the industry to launch a tool which ensures faster delivery of load assessments, encourages cooperation based on open standards and enhances integration and responsiveness throughout the supply chain.

LMWP has designed LM e-Load to save time for their customers in the blade qualification process. They explain that the tool is based on a seamless integration with the latest version of the load calculation software Bladed 4.1, which generates data in a format that is compatible with LM e-Load. This allows LMWP to crunch the numbers automatically and deliver the load assessments to the customer overnight.

“A blade qualification process is an iterative process where the smooth exchange of data between LM Wind Power and the wind turbine manufacturer plays an important role for the overall lead time. We would like to do our part in making this a more efficient process and the LM e-Load tool is a big improvement,” says LMWP Chief Technology Officer, Frank V. Nielsen.

LM e-Load is a web based service which provides access to LMWP’s extensive blade portfolio which is by far the largest in the industry and removes the time consuming data formatting from the blade qualification process.

Frank V. Nielsen is pleased that LMWP is able to offer this solution as the first in the industry. He believes the development will make an important difference not least in the current environment where wind turbine manufacturers are not only looking for the best blade for a specific turbine type but also increasingly to adapt to the specific conditions at the site where it will be installed. “That requires more blade qualifications for each turbine and highlights the importance of fast response,” he says. The LM e-Load will ultimately help LM Wind Power’s customers reduce time to market and position them even better to win projects.

“The LM e-Load tool helps our customers improve responsiveness, which is an important factor when bidding on projects. It’s an excellent example of a solution that promotes further integration of sub-supplier and wind turbines manufacturers, which increases efficiency and ultimately improves the competitiveness of wind energy.”