Endesa and Mitsubishi sign an agreement to promote the electric vehicles in Spain

Endesa and Mitsubishi sign an agreement to promote the electric car in Spain. Both companies are keen to develop the electric vehicle and e-mobility as a means to promote the fight against climate change and contribute to successfully meeting sustainability and economic growth objectives while at the same time creating value for shareholders.

Endesa and Mitsubishi have signed in Madrid a collaboration agreement to promote e-mobility in Spain. The agreement, that is valid for two years, was signed by Endesa’s General Marketing Manager, Javier Uriarte, and the CEO of Mitsubishi Spain, José Carmona.

According to the terms of the agreement, the two companies will follow several lines of action to promote this mode of transport. Firstly, they will identify the electric vehicles and charging points that Mitsubishi and Endesa respectively can supply to clients of both companies and Endesa’s fleet. They will also promote e-mobility with Endesa installing recharging points and/or “energy islands” offering users the choice of fast or normal recharging services.

Electric vehicle development at Endesa

The development of a sustainable transport policy is a cornerstone of Endesa’s 2008-2012 Strategic Sustainability Plan. In Spain, the company is involved in rolling out e-mobility projects (Plan MOVELE) in Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona, and participates in the main technological initiatives (Cenit VERDE, DER22@ and REVE projects). It also recently entered into agreements with leading companies, such as Mitsubishi Motors, to promote the roll-out of e-mobility.

In Europe, Endesa is part of the Green eMotion consortium and is also the only Spanish company involved in the ELVIRE and G4V consortia whose main object is to develop the necessary technology, solutions and services to enable on-going interaction between drivers, their power suppliers and the smart grid and to evaluate the impact of the large-scale introduction of electric vehicles on the power grid (respectively). Endesa was one of the first companies to join international standardisation and regulation groups for e-mobility equipment, systems and solutions. Endesa is also involved in CHAdeMO, the association that provides the most extensive fast charge service for electric vehicles anywhere in the world and which aims to set charging standards.

Both companies are also collaborating in the technological area for projects within Malaga Smart City framework.

MMC Automóviles Spain

MMC Automóviles Spain is the official importer of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in Spain.

Noted for its creative engineering and constant innovation, Mitsubishi Motors has been developing and manufacturing electric vehicles for over 40 years. Since that time it has tirelessly pursued research in this area, culminating in the manufacture and large-scale sale of the first electric vehicle operated by high-density lithium-ion batteries, well ahead of its competitors.

Its commitment to the environment, founded on the pioneering zero-emissions i-MiEV urban electric vehicle, extends to its whole range of models, which are distinguished by being fitted with sophisticated, state-of-the art engines boasting low consumption and emissions and technologies which make maximum use of power and minimise CO2 emissions.

The high-tech i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) has also received numerous accolades for its many innovations and outstanding contribution to efficient and sustainable mobility. Its Operating System, which forms the heart of the electric workings and is Mitsubishi Motors’ outstanding feature, is particularly noted in this field.