DeWind Ships Wind Turbines to Texas Wind Farm

Wind energy developer DeWind Co. has started shipping wind turbines to its wind farm in Texas. Located in Hansford County, Texas the Frisco Wind Farm will employ 10 DeWind D8.2 wind turbines that will combine to generate 20 MW of renewable energy.

DeWind media representative Kent Prentice told Energyboom that Frisco is expected to be fully operational in early December. Once complete, the wind farm will operate as a Quaifying Facility (QF) and the energy generated will be sold to local utilities. A utility may purchase the electricity at the same rate they are paying for power generation from other sources.

When asked why DeWind has used this model rather than seeking out a long term power purchase agreement Prentice said, "it is just a quicker way for us to get projects complete and on the grid."

It has been a busy six months for DeWind, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME). In April, the company acquired the rights to build both the Frisco facility and also the 160 MW Novus wind farm in Oklahoma. The following month the California-based company said it had become the sole owner of the fully operational 10 MW Little Pringle I and 10 MW Little Pringle II wind farms in Hutchinson County, TX. Currently, DeWind has an operational capacity of 28 MW and another 140 MW in its development pipeline.

DeWind Co designs, produces and sells DeWind series wind energy turbines, including the 2 megawatt (MW) D9.2 model available in 60 Hz configuration, and the 2 MW D9.1 model in 50 Hz configuration. DeWind 2 MW D8 wind turbines have been operating since 2002 in Europe, and the 2 MW D9.2 predecessor turbine, the D8.2, has been operating since 2007 in Europe, South America and the US. The D9.2 utilizes advance WinDrive(R) hydrodynamic torque converter developed by Voith AG in combination with a fixed speed synchronous AC generator with high voltage output that can be connected directly to the grid without the use of power conversion electronics. DeWind D9.2 wind turbines are currently being assembled at TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company (TWMC) in Round Rock, Texas.