Rwanda – Hasty Energy Introduces Portable Solar Power

Among the equipment are portable solar generators which generate power from visible light during day time even on cloudy and rainy days.

According to the Representative of Nanowin Technology Co.Ltd, Landis Shook, the portable solar generator produces between 150 watts-300 watts of power each day.

"The generator controller has built-in protections to prevent over charging, over discharging, over-loading, and short circuiting. There are no currents when the circuits are shorted, therefore the operation and life of the generator are unaffected," said Shook.

He added that the lifespan of the battery can last for more than 10 years with a six year warranty. The generator comes with three lights, power supply for two mobile phones, a fan or TV Power outlet.

Shook noted that all the appliances operate on DC voltage which has no risks of electric shock therefore very safe even around children.

The Assistant Director of Hasty Energy Limited, Eddie Mwumvaneza, stated that it is unfortunate that the biggest percentage of Rwandans don’t have power yet there are affordable technologies that would increase connectivity.

"We unknowingly lose a lot when we don’t have power; there are many businesses that people would be running especially in the villages if they had power," said Mwunvaneza.

He added that the introduction of affordable and portable solar system will have a positive impact on the economy of the nation and people’s welfare.

According to the Managing Director of Hasty Energy Ltd, Egide Amani, the total cost of the potable solar energy package is yet to be set.

"We are still evaluating the cost; but the total cost of the whole package won’t go beyond US$400. The portable solar system has a 25-year warranty," said Amani.

He added that other products this company is bringing on the Rwandan market include laptop bags that have in-built solar panels that are used for charging computers and mobile phones.