E.ON presents advanced charging systems for electric vehicles at the IAA fair

E.ON is providing the power connection for future mobility: At the IAA fair in Frankfurt, the energy company is presenting tailor-made charging solutions for electric cars ranging from units for home garages to all-in systems for fleet operators.

Using a charging unit in the garage is definitely better than a conventional power socket. Especially in older buildings, electric cables are not able to cope with the strain on them when recharging an electric car and may overheat. When installing a charging unit, the utility always examines all the electrical fittings in the home.

"We and TÜV Süd are agreed that safety is absolutely crucial when recharging electric cars. We therefore advise everyone driving an electric car to use a safe and user-friendly product like our charging unit. This offer is rounded off with power from E.ON’s hydro-electric plants, a smart meter and flexible pricing. Emission-free mobility is thus becoming a reality," said Ruth Werhahn, responsible for electro-mobility at E.ON AG, at the IAA fair in Frankfurt.

Strong partner for business customers – one-stop solutions

An increasing number of companies and municipal customers are using the all-in solutions offered by E.ON for recharging electric cars. The company sees a growing demand for charging stations and related services. Retailers will make charging stations available on their car parks in order to retain customers. Employees of industrial companies could benefit from their employer’s favourable power supply contract by recharging their cars in the company car park. E.ON offers such customers a full package comprising advice and analysis, charging equipment, installation and operation as well as power supply.

Public fast charging stations introduced

For public charging stations E.ON is primarily relying on direct-current fast charging equipment because it greatly reduces charging times and thus makes public charging attractive. The energy company is already operating the first fast charging station in Germany on the A8 motorway between Munich and Salzburg. There a battery can be fully charged in less than half an hour. With this technology E.ON wants to increase the range of electric vehicles appreciably. It also enables drivers without a power socket in their own garage to use an electric car. Furthermore, due to the shorter charging times, the fast charging stations are far more economical to operate.

E.ON is developing tomorrow’s charging technology – cableless charging

E.ON, working together with TÜV Süd, has subjected a cableless charging station to intense testing and measurement. The result: Such a system is safe under all conceivable conditions and can now be developed to market maturity. In future E.ON intends to offer this technology as premium solution for home garages and for the business sector because many participants in pilot projects regard charging with a cable as inconvenient. In the case of induction charging, the electricity is transmitted without contact via the magnetic field of a coil installed in the ground. The receiving unit is fitted to the bottom of the car.