Mexico?s First Integrated Solar Energy Company

During a visit by Governor Osuna of Baja California to the Arima Operations in Taipei, Baja Sun Energy SRL announced the formation of the first integrated solar energy business located in Mexico. The company will construct a concentrated solar system manufacturing plant and use the panels produced by the plant for a utility-sized solar power generation facility, all to be located in the Silicon Border CleanTECH Park in Mexicali, Mexico. The announcement takes place as Baja Sun and Arima Solar complete agreements making Arima a stakeholder and supplier of Concentrated PV Solar technology, Gallium Arsenide Semiconductors and other materials to Baja Sun. The governor met with Arima’s Chairman, Stephen Lee, and Baja Sun Energy and Silicon Border Executives.

“The time is right for a Mexican solar energy company”

Initial plans include investments of more than $500 million over the next four years. The factory will be built out to over 100 MW annually with over 4,240 direct employees. The company has secured a top-tier customer for a 10-megawatt (MW) solar farm and will break ground on a new factory at Silicon Border CleanTECH Park later this year. The factory will be outfitted by Arima with a turnkey Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar manufacturing equipment line to manufacture cells, modules and dual axis tracking systems. The Mexican employees will be trained in the Arima Eco factory in Taiwan. The total supply chain will ultimately create more than 8,000 jobs for the Baja California/San Diego Mega Region.

As an integrated Concentrated Solar Power Photovoltaic Enterprise, Baja Sun Energy will also be able to provide the lowest-cost solar energy solution for North America. With manufacturing plants on the Border of Baja California, Baja Sun will also establish sales and marketing operations in San Diego, California. Arima Eco, Grupo Maiz (Monterrey Mexico) and Silicon Border will own the new Company.

“Silicon Border CleanTECH Park is the perfect location for renewable energy companies. We are at the center of a huge market for solar, wind and other kinds of renewables, including the energy warehousing project we recently announced,” said DJ Hill, CEO of Silicon Border. “From our park you can reach most of the western United States in less than a day by truck. Talent and tax incentives make this location very competitive to China. Furthermore, products made here can be used for stimulus projects such as ‘Buy American’ because of the NAFTA treaty. We also have green infrastructure including water, waste treatment and LED lighting, more eco-friendly than anywhere else in North America.”

“The time is right for a Mexican solar company,” said Governor Osuna. “Mexico has more sunshine per capita than most countries in the world, and it is only fitting that we start a Mexican company to capture the sun for our own use in the State of Baja California. The solar market is expected to grow from the currently installed 2.1 GW at the end of 2009 (according to the Solar Energy Industries Association) to 44 GW by 2020 in North America over the next 10 years. Mexico can be one of the world’s largest players in this process given our cost and location advantages.”

Arima Group Chairman Steven Lee said, “We are very optimistic about this new venture that will expand our product reach to the Americas while we cover Asia and the rest of the world. While we are confident that the experienced team of Baja Sun can do the job with our support, we find that the Government support for this project and Arima Eco ensures the success of this exciting project. In our travels to Mexico we were greeted by the Governor himself on our first trip to Mexico. Here he is today to help close the deal! We also had great support from the Mayor of Mexicali and the Federal Government’s ProMexico Organization, from the local Commissioner of Trade here in Taiwan to the Director General himself. Mexico has really supported our decision!”