$1.4 billion wind energy project for Australia

Suzlon Energy Australia has announced plans to invest $1.3 billion in the construction of one of the world’s largest wind power projects, to be located on the Yorke Penisula in South Australia.

Energy generated at the wind farm would feed electricity directly into the metropolitan Adelaide grid via a High Voltage Direct Current connection that runs across Gulf St Vincent.

Of the wind power project, South Australian Premier Mike Rann said: "In terms of the benefit to the environment, this level of wind power generating capacity is estimated to reduce output of carbon dioxide by 2.5 million tonnes each year."

Premier Rann said Suzlon is currently preparing to implement a comprehensive community engagement and environmental assessment program and, if approved, hopes to complete the project by end of 2015.

Suzlon also has involvement with wind farm projects at Hallett, north of Adelaide. Premier Mike Rann says the Yorke Peninsula proposal will add to South Australia’s green credentials. "We’ve got 54 per cent of Australia’s wind power and that’s per capita five times more than Victoria, 10 times more than New South Wales," he said.