L.A.’s Car Rental Company Offers Electric Car Karma

Your gas guzzling friends claim that hybrid cars can’t possibly be cool. Prove them wrong with the new Fisker Karma, a simply breathtaking piece of advanced machinery that shatters all preconceptions about so-called ‘green cars.’ The Fisker Karma sells at around $95,900 for the basic model and $109,850 for the top model, but you can find it for car rental at LAX for an extremely competitive price, when you choose the popular MPG Car Rental.

MPG Car Rental is L.A.’s leading provider of hybrid car rentals, so it’s no surprise that they are among the first to offer the exciting new Fisker Karma. According to Fisker Automotive, located right here in California, the Fisker Karma boasts a mind-boggling fuel consumption of 100 miles per U.S. gallon. If you drove an average of 50 miles or less a day, you would only have to fill up your gas tank once per year.

But what is it that makes the Fisker Karma so efficient? The car runs on a pair of electric motors powered by either an advanced lithium ion battery or a gasoline engine. The Fisker Karma even comes with a stylish solar paneled roof that charges the batteries and contributes to climate control. This sleek sporty take on environmental sustainability can reach a top speed of 125mph and go from zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds. Let’s see if your friend’s SUV can match that…

The Fisker Karma, along with many other hybrid car rentals, is available at MPG Car Rental, a progressive company located in Venice, CA (making it a convenient choice for people looking for car rental at LAX). MPG Car Rental has earned a reputation as the best car rental company in Los Angeles, in part due to their unmatched selection of green vehicles, and in part due to their dedication to personalized customer service.