Malta working on plan for wind power

The government of Malta is working on its original plan for wind energy, which is to implement a wind farm by 2016, and by his statement Labour Party spokesman Leo Brincat shows he is tied to the old way of political strategy, the Rural Affairs and Resources Ministry said.

It was referring to a statement by Mr Brincat on alternative wind turbines, saying more studies about the wind were being made to collect information for purposes of research.

Mr Brincat, the ministry said, is cut off from the reality of what is involved in such a complex project. He does not seem to know what is happening in other EU countries, where similar projects are taking six to eight years to come to fruition. The studies being made are not only about wind strength, there are 15 other studies to be made as part of the environment impact assessment.

The ministry said that part of Malta’s aim of 10% of renewable energy will be met with using energy from waste. There is also solar energy, including fotovoltaic solar power panels, which are being installed throughout the country, with financial assistance from the government.