Developing a smart grid utilizing Electric Vehicles

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation have announced a profile of their joint project for smart grid technology development applying electric vehicles (EVs). Utilizing electric cars as "moving batteries," the technology will be effective for curtailing fluctuation in output from renewable energy sources and shifting power demand peaks.

The schedule envisions installation of a test facility on the premises of Nagoya Works of Mitsubishi Motors by March 2012 and start of actual activities such as connection to facility power panels and collection of data.

Electric vehicles are mounted with large-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Automakers are working to heighten their added value by effective use of this feature when the electric vehicles are parked. The V2X Project resting on collaboration among the three firms is aimed at establishment as technology mainly for offices, factories and other such business sites. It is characterized by utilization of large-capacity power by connection of several electric cars.

The test facility, which is to be constructed from this year to next year, will be a parking lot whose roof is covered by photovoltaic solar power generation panels. There will be several units for drawing direct-current power from the electric car charging outlets. The power will be supplied to factories after conversion to an alternating current by means of a power conditioner.