NTR has signed a deal to acquire 228 wind turbines from GE

GE will build and supply 94 of its advanced wind turbines, the 1.6-100 version launched earlier this year, for Wind Capital Group’s Osage wind farm in Oklahoma.

Wind Capital’s Post Rock wind power project in Kansas will get 134 of GE’s 1.5-82.5 wind turbines. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. However, it is estimated the 94 advanced wind turbines ordered by Wind Capital could be valued at €188 million.

NTR, which also has interests in biofuels, wrote off the entire value of its investments in solar thermal energy on Aug. 3 as it posted record full-year losses.

Instead the company is forging ahead with “substantial investments to expand its wind power portfolio." The GE 1.5-82.5 wind turbines for the Post Rock wind farm in Kansas are members of GE’s family of 1.5 machines, the most widely deployed megawatt class wind turbine in the wind industry with more than 16,500 installed worldwide.