Wind energy for New York stores from Green Mountain

Green Mountain Energy Company, a retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions, has announced that Lord & Taylor will purchase renewable energy for its Manhattan and Eastchester, New York stores. The retailer has committed to purchasing wind power from Green Mountain for 100% of the two stores’ electricity usage.

Lord & Taylor has signed a two-year contract with Green Mountain beginning in November to purchase more than 13 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of 100 percent wind power annually for the combined two stores. The flagship Manhattan store is located at 424 Fifth Ave., and the Eastchester store is at 750 White Plains Rd., Scarsdale, NY. Lord & Taylor’s clean energy purchase for the stores will avoid a total of more than 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually. The savings represents the equivalent of not taking 3.6 million cab rides, the company said.

"Green Mountain applauds Lord & Taylor for demonstrating leadership in sustainable business practices through this purchase of green power," said Scott Hart, President of Commercial Services, Green Mountain Energy Company. "This renewable energy purchase further helps Green Mountain accomplish its mission to change the way power is made and helps Lord & Taylor send a message to its customers that it cares about the environment."

Green Mountain was awarded the electricity contract after a bid process with multiple Electric Service Companies, facilitated by Good Energy, Lord & Taylor’s energy consulting firm.

The renewable energy to supply the two Lord & Taylor stores will be purchased in the form of wind Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) by Green Mountain. Purchasing these RECs is a widely accepted way to address the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity consumption. Purchasing RECs in the same quantity as the Lord & Taylor’s estimated electricity consumption ensures that the amount of energy used by each of the stores is added to the US power grid from renewable sources and supports the further development of these projects, the company added.