Leading Renewable Energy Company Makes Eco-Friendly Impact

A leading renewable energy company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Argus Renewable Energy Inc., recently made a memorable impact during the AWEA 2011 conference & exhibition event in Anaheim, California. During the four-day event, many top environmental & wind energy companies showcased their products and services to excited attendees inside the Anaheim convention center. While not an active exhibitor this time around, Argus Renewable Energy found an innovative way to connect with potential customers and solidify their presence at the event.

Utilizing the most recent addition to its marketing strategy, the new “Argus Promotional Truck” – a stunning white Ford F150 wrapped in the company’s logo and marketing images, the team drove from its home base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and situated themselves outside the conference center to intercept approaching attendees and provide them with memorable gift bags and other “Argus-themed” memorabilia. Conference attendees then proceeded into the convention center armed with the Argus logo on their carrying bags thereby taking away any advantage the other wind energy competitors would have had in a ‘first contact’ scenario. This use of brilliant marketing strategy is just one factor in this successful company’s rapid success in North America since 2010.

With expansion plans now solidified and proceeding into the US market, this Vancouver wind power and LED obstruction lighting manufacturer is poised to dominate the North American market with its high quality products and services. A specialist in the optimization of wind farm plants, Argus is well aligned with the “green” movement and has the expertise to dramatically improve the function of wind farm plants in whichever market it chooses to participate in. This is also due to the fact that this company designs and manufactures its own products – enabling it to keep a close eye on quality and deliver the type of results that their growing client base has come to expect. Several examples of this can be seen on their website at http://www.argus-na.com.

Argus Renewable Energy Inc. appears to have a solid foundation in place and is a force to be reckoned with in the wind power industry. With expansion underway into the US market, the company has a bright and prosperous future ahead of them.