Ibil and Peugeot to jointly offer electric vehicles

The service will begin in the Basque Country and will extend progressively to the rest of Spain. The company Ibil, controlled 50% by the Basque Energy Agency and Repsol, and Peugeot have signed an agreement to install charging stations for buyers of Peugeot electric vehicles.

Ibil will design, install and manage the charging stations. Peugeot has delivered the first two electric cars of the iOn electric car, which Ibilek, the Ibil electric car-sharing company, has acquired to begin its service in the near future in the three Basque capital cities.

*Car-sharing, a system for sharing electric cars that consists of hiring by the hour, is a new and innovative mobility format that offers an alternative for reducing the use of privately owned vehicles.

*Customers who purchase an electric vehicle at Peugeot dealerships will be able to contract the Ibil rental and installation services for a charging station in their homes.

*Ibil is the top electric vehicle charging manager in Spain with 120 charging stations in operation or under construction.

Ibil and Peugeot signed an agreement today that establishes the foundations for commercial collaboration between the parties for the promotion of Peugeot electric vehicle sales and the installation of charging stations by Ibil, to provide service in both the private sector for owners of these vehicles and in the public sector.

The agreement will enable users who acquire a Peugeot electric vehicle to obtain the IBIL services for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station in their own homes. This improves the network of charging stations for Peugeot iOn electric vehicle owners.

The activities will begin in the Basque Country, extending the scope of application progressively to the rest of Spain in the phases and periods determined mutually by both parties.

The agreement was signed by Basque Regional Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy and Ibil Chairman Xabier Garmendia and Peugeot Spain Deputy Executive Director Antonio González. This agreement will make it possible to take advantage of Ibil’s experience to offer electric vehicle charging services in homes and companies.

The Ibil charging station is a piece of equipment that enables electric vehicles to be charged with a complete guarantee of safety and reliability, designed with specific elements for use exclusively with electric vehicles and connected at all times to the Ibil Control Centre for charging monitoring, user identification and support for any incidents.

Both companies have committed to develop quick-charge stations that take advantage of this possibility already included in electric vehicles manufactured by Peugeot.

This service adds to the growth of charging points in public places which Ibil is currently developing in the Basque Country. Ibil also certifies that all the electrical energy supplied to the vehicles is 100% renewable.

The signing took place at the Basque Energy Agency headquarters in Bilbao and also served to formalise the delivery of the first Peugeot electric cars to Ibilek, Ibil’s e-car sharing subsidiary. Ibilek’s new, innovative system seeks to reduce the use of privately owned vehicles through the hire of shared, exclusively electric cars.

The Peugeot iOn is the first new-generation electric vehicle launched in Europe. Silent, agile and easy to drive, it is efficient thanks to its electric engine that offers a maximum power of 49 kW (66 hp). This 3.48 m-long urban compact offers its four occupants a silent, peaceful driving experience with a high level of comfort and safety. Practical and sharp, it combines an excellent habitability-to-size ratio and unmatched drivability. Through the efficient electrical energy management of its lithium-ion battery, the Peugeot iOn offers a range of 150 km on standard European cycle. The iOn, 100% electric, 100% real, is Peugeot’s answer to the new challenges of urban mobility and is already available through the network of Peugeot dealerships.

Transport electrification in the Basque Country

The Basque Government’s commitment to introducing electric vehicles in the Basque Country seeks to improve energy efficiency in a sector that is 96% dependent on oil derivatives. Together with energy improvement, the electric vehicle offers broad business and job creation opportunities primarily for the automotive, electrical equipment and electronics sectors.

Reaching these objectives requires the creation of the charging network and a critical mass of electric vehicles in circulation, which is why the electric vehicle charging management company Ibil was created in the Basque Country, along with agreements between this company and third parties, such as Peugeot, which will lead to a gradual electrification of transport in the Basque Country.

Repsol and Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), the energy agency of the Basque Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, created the company Ibil in October 2010. Controlled 50% by both entities, its mission is to design, build and operate a network of comprehensive electric mobility services in the Basque Country, comprising a charging network that aims to reach 125 operational stations by the end of 2011. That figure will be surpassed very soon.

Ibil aims to become a technological benchmark in the national market in electric vehicle charging technologies. With the commitment of Repsol and EVE to new energy sources, IBIL has become a pioneering project that seeks to make electric vehicles the revolution in the transport sector in the coming years.

Present in 160 countries, with 10,000 points of contact, Peugeot combines demand and emotion. In 2010, the year of its 200th anniversary, Peugeot, which confirmed its position as the world’s leading French automobile brand, has earned a spot in the worldwide brand ranking (9th place) and has sold 2,142,000 vehicles. Peugeot is the only brand to offer a global mobility line with cars and commercial vehicles, as well as bicycles, scooters and a wide variety of possibilities included in the Mu by Peugeot service.