MY1.5Se Wind Turbines Passes Official LVRT Testing

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited ("Ming Yang" or the "Company") (NYSE: MY), a leading wind turbine manufacturer in China, announced its MY1.5Se wind turbine generator ("WTG" or "turbine") has successfully passed low voltage ride through ("LVRT") performance tests and has received the certification test report.

The testing reported was issued by the Wind Power Grid Connection Research and Evaluation Center at the China Electric Power Research Institute ("CEPRI") in Beijing, China. CEPRI is a subsidiary research institute of the State Grid Corporation of China ("SGCC") and a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive research institution in China’s electric power sector. The Company also confirmed all of its wind turbines are capable of fulfilling LVRT requirements.

The LVRT requirement is specified under the grid code, and refers to the WTG’s ability to react properly to sudden fluctuations in grid voltage, and to remain connected to the grid under these abnormal conditions. Ming Yang’s MY1.5Se WTG has undergone and successfully passed symmetric and asymmetric testing under different voltage fluctuation and electrical system fault conditions at the CEPRI (20%Un/640ms, 35%Un/940ms, 50%Un/1.2s, 75%Un/1.72s, 90%Un/2s).

Ming Yang’s 1.5MW WTGs are capable of fulfilling official LVRT requirements without incurring additional costs. 2.5/3.0MW Super Compact Drive ("SCD") WTGs employ full power insulated-gate bipolar transistor ("IGBT") controlled converters, and are also capable of fulfilling official LVRT requirements.

"Quality has always been a hallmark of Ming Yang, as witnessed by the fact that we had already included LVRT capability when we developed our turbines," said Chuanwei Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ming Yang. "For example, 33 units of our wind turbines installed at a customer’s high altitude wind farm in Dali, Yunan have consistently demonstrated LVRT capability under actual grid conditions. The official certification from the CEPRI is an important endorsement of the quality of our products, and will enhance the competitiveness of Ming Yang’s wind power solutions in China."

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited (NYSE: MY) is a leading and fast-growing wind turbine manufacturer in China, focusing on designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing megawatt-class wind turbines. Ming Yang produces advanced, highly adaptable wind turbines with high energy output and low energy production costs and provides customers with comprehensive post-sales services. Ming Yang cooperates with aerodyn Energiesysteme, one of the world’s leading wind turbine design firms based in Germany, to develop wind turbines and share intellectual property rights. Ming Yang’s key customers include the five largest state-owned power producers in China, with an aggregate installed capacity accounting for more than 50% of China’s newly installed capacity in 2010.