Siemens Introduces VersiCharge? Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Siemens Industry, Inc. announced today its new VersiCharge™ line of electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations designed for home owners ready to move from the pump to the plug. VersiCharge™ EV charging stations will be available through Siemens’ sales channels by the end of the year.

Offering flexibility in wiring, communication and charging time, the Siemens VersiCharge offers homeowners a simple solution for charging electric vehicles. VersiCharge adds residential charging to the existing Siemens portfolio of commercial, fleet and municipal charging solutions. Designed with both homeowner and utility interests in mind, the Siemens VersiCharge charging stations offer residential and commercial users simple, safe and affordable access to charging while incorporating features that support a stable and reliable electrical grid.

“As electric vehicles gain momentum, the infrastructure and installation of charging systems becomes more and more suited to the engineering and distribution strengths of an organization like Siemens,” says Barry Contrael, director, Low Voltage Business Unit, Siemens Industry, Inc. “Our long history of innovation, and our clear commitment to renewable and sustainable energy make VersiCharge EV charging systems a natural addition to our renewable energy products portfolio. We’re excited about leveraging our strong distributor, utility, and contractor networks to bring safe, affordable solutions for electric vehicle charging to EV owners across the United States.”

Intended to be an integral part of a smart home’s sustainable, energy-efficient environment, Siemens VersiCharge charging stations are Level 2, ready for 240V service and are available in two models, VersiCharge and VersiCharge SG.

Siemens’ VersiCharge and VersiCharge SG models are designed to meet the diverse needs of both consumers and commercial users. For example, VersiCharge is ideal for electrical contractors who want to offer homeowners an economical, easy-to-use station to charge their new EV. Similarly, VersiCharge SG is designed for more sophisticated owners and utilities looking for network connectivity, expandability, and smart grid integration, all while balancing the constraints of a tight budget.

Both VersiCharge models are weather-proofed for indoor or outdoor service and feature a flexible, plate-based mounting system. This feature allows installers four simple options for wiring: hard wired from behind, 240 V Dryer Plug from behind (both hidden from view), bottom fed conduit, and external 240 V Dryer Plug. VersiCharge indicates charging activity from a distance through a simple multi-color indicator and features a 20-foot cord, with longer lengths available as accessories. Full-function user controls feature a delay, familiar to most consumers, for postponing charge cycles after sundown when electricity rates typically decline.

Siemens VersiCharge SG, available in the spring of 2012, integrates sophisticated communications for applications where data and two-way communication are needed to support smart-grid, business or other operational requirements. The VersiCharge SG model features two ways to communicate: built in ZigBee wireless, and user addable Wi-Fi through an internal expansion port. Ultimately, the flexibility of the VersiCharge SG will allow users to maintain a lower cost of EV ownership through utility enabled load management and other consumption control and monitoring capabilities.