How to Find Solar Power Systems in Australia

There is good news for environmentally-conscientious, Australian home owners who are looking for reliable information about solar energy systems for their homes. Those interested in renewable energy can now freely browse facts and information on the Solar Quotes website, and after answering a few simple and non-invasive questions about their needs, receive three free quotes from local solar power companies.

The Solar Quotes website has created a veritable database on solar topics, in subjects as diverse as how solar panels work, to how those leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can save money. There’s even a new "Solar Panel Estimator" tool to help homeowners to quickly and easily assess the needs of their specific home, and determine how suitable it is for solar power, how many solar panels will fit on the roof, and how much they might expect to save by adding a solar system (all without a salesman in sight).

Australia is a prime location to make the switch to solar energy, and Solar Quotes explains how individuals can cut down on their monthly energy bills by utilizing the government’s rebate offer. The site’s owner, Finn Peacock, is open and honest about what he sees to be the benefits and downfalls of solar energy. In terms of the solar rebate, he says, "It is really difficult to put a dollar figure on how much each scheme may be worth… because they depend on your energy use habits and whether any electricity is exported." However, Finn also spends extensive time detailing each Australian state’s plan, and what individuals need to do to maximize their gains.

Overall, Solar Quotes both handles the necessity of obtaining hard facts, and then allows customers to decide for themselves whether or not they feel a solar system will be cost effective in the long term. Finn has a genuine concern about the planet as he has "many years of experience working in renewable energy and energy efficiency for electricity companies," and makes himself available to site visitors if any questions arise.

Solar Quotes was first started by Finn Peacock in order to provide individuals with detailed facts about solar energy systems, how they can be implemented, and what they contribute to eco-friendly homes.