Cycle Ranch wind energy project in Floresville, Texas

Here Enterprises Inc., a growing developer of clean energy, is pleased to announce the Company is advancing toward independent power production through its Cycle Ranch wind power project in Floresville, Texas. Here Enterprises has installed wind turbines and is set to complete electrical work required to connect the wind farm to the power grid.

The Company is also considering the installation of solar power arrays at Cycle Ranch. In addition, Here Enterprises is working in conjunction with the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) to promote the development of clean energy. Here Enterprises is advancing its pursuits within sustainable power markets which, according to recent industry reports, are realizing unprecedented growth this year.

2011 has so far followed a positive trend, similar to 2010, with $3.35 billion announced by the Department of Energy in loan guarantees for solar energy projects. With 1,796 MW now in construction with the support of the loan guarantees and more than 10 GW in the pipeline, the solar energy industry (Photovoltaic and Concentrating Solar Power) is gaining real momentum in the United States. There has never been a better time to prove the viability, the potential for the creation of green jobs, and energy independence that solar power brings to the table. (Renewable Energy Word, "US Concentrated Solar Power Industry Receives its Biggest Boost Yet by DoE", June 2011)

America’s wind power industry installed 1,100 MW of new capacity in the first quarter of 2011 alone and entered the second quarter with another 5,600 MW under construction, as reported by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). The under-construction figure is nearly twice the megawatts that the industry reported at this time in both 2009 and 2010. Moreover, two-thirds of those megawatts are already locked in under long-term power purchase agreements with electric utilities, indicating an enduring industry that has proven both nimble and strong through a range of economic and policy conditions. The total wind fleet now stands at 41,400 MW—producing enough clean energy to supply 10 million American homes.

American wind energy is ramping up, and these first quarter figures indicate an industry poised for a renaissance. Refined technologies, affordable prices, and continued demand for clean, homegrown energy—these are all reasons why wind has consistently posted strong growth numbers, adding 35% of all new generating capacity since 2007, reports AWEA. In an economy in which gas prices have hit $4 a gallon and are still on the rise, America must implement long-term energy policies centered on homegrown sources. And wind delivers. By powering our electric cars using wind, Americans can pay the equivalent of 70 cents a gallon at the pump. (Renewable Energy Word, "U.S. Wind Industry Reports Enduring Growth in First Quarter of 2011", April 2011)

Mark Ryun, CEO of Here Enterprises, commented: "Our Floresville, Texas wind power project is nearing completion and we are exploring the potential for solar energy production on the site. We are working to generate and distribute cheap, clean, renewable energy with these projects and, as a member of the TREIA, is pursuing opportunities for development partnerships, equipment sales and sustainable energy advocacy. This is an exciting time of growth and expansion for Here Enterprises."

Here Enterprises is a developer of wind power, our nation’s fastest growing renewable energy resource. The Company is engaged in planning, developing, acquiring and operating wind farms in the United States to generate clean, profitable wind energy. Here Enterprises is developing wind energy projects which co-locate wind farms with commercial businesses in order to maximize cashflow for each project.