Global Consumer Wind Energy Study: Consumers want more renewable energy

Vestas / TNS Gallup Findings: 90 percent of consumers worldwide want more renewable energy. 65 percent prefer to purchase brands produced using wind energy. 53 percent in China and 7 percent in U.S. view climate change as greatest challenge.

Vestas / Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Renewable energy leaders per sector are Plum Creek Timber, News Corporation, Kohl’s, CLP Holdings, Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank, Vestas, and Adobe Systems. Whole Foods Market is Global Wind Energy Champion.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the global leader in wind energy, announced the release of two studies that will help move consumers and corporations towards an increased use of renewable energy.

The Global Consumer Wind Study 2011 and the Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX) 2011 bring transparency to consumer preferences and the corporate use of renewable sources of energy, including wind energy. The studies show the relationship between consumer demand for renewable energy in the products and services they purchase, and what corporations are doing – or not doing – to meet these demands.

“Consumers around the world see climate change as the greatest single challenge, and 90 percent of consumers want more renewable energy. This shows a real global desire to reduce carbon emissions,” says Ditlev Engel, President and CEO of Vestas. “It gives corporate decision makers something to think about and act upon.”

Global Consumer Wind Study: Consumers want more renewable energy

In the largest survey of its kind, 31,000 consumers in 26 countries around the world were asked about their demand for brands made with renewable energy, as well as how energy decisions by some of the world’s largest companies affect their choices.

The annual study, commissioned by Vestas and conducted by TNS Gallup, provides insights that enable corporations to understand consumer perceptions about climate change, renewable energy, and how these relate to global brands.

“The Global Consumer Wind Study provides insight into the role of renewable energy, in particular wind, in relation to the products and services consumers buy. This in turn should drive the adoption of renewable energy sources by the corporations that sell these products and services,” says Ditlev Engel.

Corporate Renewable Energy Index: Celebrating the leading corporations for renewable energy use

In the largest study of its kind, the Corporate Renewable Energy Index provides first-time transparency in global corporate energy use, including renewable energy. The study is based on data from the CREX, a survey commissioned by Vestas and conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance of the world’s 1,000 largest listed companies by market capitalisation, with currently 176 respondents. The CREX is available on the Bloomberg Terminal (type CREX ).

In the 2011 Corporate Renewable Energy Index, sector leaders using most renewable energy are: News Corp. (Communications), Plum Creek Timber (Basic Materials), Kohl’s Corporation and Whole Foods Market (Consumer), CLP Holding (Energy & Utilities), Toronto-Dominion Bank (Financial), Vestas Wind Systems (Industrial) and Adobe Systems (Technology). Whole Foods Market uses 100% wind energy, and as the leader in corporate wind energy use has been named Global Wind Energy Champion.

“The Global Consumer Wind Study and the Corporate Renewable Energy Index study complement each other. The first one from a consumer demand perspective, the latter details corporate energy usage, which will allow consumers and corporations to make informed decisions,” says Morten Albaek, Senior Vice President for Group Marketing & Customer Insight at Vestas. “Because transparency in renewable energy will not only be good for society and future generations: it will also be good for business.”
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The ‘Corporate Renewable Energy Index’ launch is today, June 28th at Bloomberg in London, 39-45 Finsbury Square. The press is welcome to attend. Registration begins at 3 pm (GMT).

The U.S. launch, June 29th, is at Bloomberg in New York City, 731 Lexington Ave. Press registration begins at 3 pm (EST). A Webinar from the New York City event will also be available between 4 pm – 6 pm (EST) at

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