Winwind invests eight million Euros to develop a new, arctic 3 MW wind turbines

The arctic turbine will be based on the technology of the new WinWinD 3 wind turbine. WinWinD has founded a European consortium to plan and design an arctic three megawatt wind turbine. In addition to the Arctic region, there is market for arctic wind energy also in the mountainous areas of Central Europe.

The first commercial arctic wind turbines are planned to be delivered by the end of 2012. “This is one of our focus areas. We want to make a significant contribution to cold climate area know-how also in the future and offer our clients the best wind turbines and services in the market to produce wind energy in cold climate areas, where especially ice formation on rotor is a risk for production ”, says Antti Laakso, Marketing Director for WinWinD.

WinWinD has already collected unique experience in cold climate area wind power. “We can now fully utilize the experience we’ve got from the Uljabuouda wind park, which we delivered to Swedish Lapland”, says Jarkko Väinämö, the responsible director of the development project at WinWinD. Arctic wind power includes a remarkable market potential. “In the cold climate areas of the North, wind power is utilized very little compared to its rich potential. Also, for all practical purposes, the standardization work of the cold climate area wind turbines is only starting” continues Mr Väinämö. WinWinD will invest in the development of standards in its already started arctic 3 MW wind turbine project.

According to the Chief Financial Officer of WinWinD European operations Aarne Luukko, arctic wind power offers an excellent business area for WinWinD. “Based on our geographical location and the Finnish know-how, we can place ourselves in the lead of the utilization of arctic wind power. The project invests heavily in the development of know-how of cold climate area wind power in Finland. “Our purpose is to develop even stronger know-how of cold climate area requirements in Finland, also including subcontractors and research centres” says Aarne Luukko. At the same time, the aim is to make the players of the sector network together.

WinWinD’s clients have already expressed their interest in the new arctic 3 MW wind turbine. For instance, Jari Suominen, the chairman of the Finnish Wind Energy Association and Managing Director of TuuliWatti Oy, views WinWinD’s arctic opening as an excellent thing. “Finland has to develop its own special know-how. Expertise and knowledge of the Northern cold climate areas will form just the needed area of know-how.”