Turkish Wind Energy to Grow 31.6% a Year

Turkey’s wind power capacity will grow at an annual average rate of 31.6 percent until 2014, outpacing the growth of overall renewable energy capacity in the country, according to researcher Research and Markets.

Wind turbines generation will become a highly competitive industry, thus creating business opportunities for manufacturing and material innovations, the Dublin-based researcher said in an e-mailed statement earlier this week.

Turkey’s energy regulator may give licenses for 2,277 megawatts of new wind power plants, subject to environment assessment reports, Hasan Koktas, head of the Ankara-based agency, said June 15.

The regulator rejected applications for 15,360 megawatts of wind energy licenses and is studying 23,300 megawatts more for preliminary licensing, he said. The agency has given wind farm licenses for 5,000 megawatts so far, including 1,406 megawatts in operation, he said.

Turkey had 50,475 megawatts of total power capacity in May, according to the government’s power transmission company TEIAS. The government aims for 20,000 megawatts of wind power capacity by 2020, about one quarter of the total capacity then, Koktas said.