Wind power helps remote US communities and struggling farmers

The story noted that residents of Sherman County, a remote, largely unpopulated and wild area south of the Columbia River Gorge, receive €410 a year as their share of the growing financial benefits of the wind turbines sector.

“Wind is the only thing that is going to save rural Oregon,” Judge Gary Thompson of Sherman County Court was quoted as saying in the story published Monday, “especially since all the timber is gone and the sawmills and all that are closing down. I think what it is a breath of fresh air.”

Sherman County made €2.09 million from wind farms last year, the NYT article said, adding various taxes on more than 1,000 megawatts of wind turbines capacity have brought €12.17 million in nine years to the county.

The story went on to say that money from the wind sector is also helping local schools buy computers, musical instruments and other equipment to help students have a better educational experience.

It added that in addition to creating construction and permanent jobs, the wind sector is helping otherwise struggling farmers save their farms because of annual royalty payments of up to €5,427 per turbine.

“The opportunity for wind development is going to be what helps agriculture continue in these agricultural areas,” the story quoted Cheryl Woods as saying.

By Chris Rose,