Global Wind Energy Day comes to Brussels

On 15 June we’ll be right at the heart of EU decision-making – at Place du Luxembourg in front of the European Parliament. Come and join us to watch a lively, colourful wind-inspired parade, get your free ‘seeded leaflet’ (yes, a piece of paper you can plant, wait a while and watch your seedlings grow into flowers) and chat to EWEA about the benefits of wind energy. We’ll be at Place du Luxembourg as you arrive to work, during your lunch break, and as you finish work.

Also on Global Wind Day, EWEA will be hosting a high-level public debate on EU energy policy after 2020. Come and join us for a heated discussion on the future of energy policy with Claude Turmes, MEP; Niels Ladefoged from Commissioner Hedegaard’s cabinet; Folker Franz, Industrial Affairs Director, Business Europe; Josche Muth, Deputy Secretary General, European Renewable Energy Council, all moderated by Fiona Harvey from The Guardian. If you’d like to attend, please register here.

From Canada to Croatia, Wind Day is celebrated across the globe. If you’ve always wanted to visit a wind farm and learn more about the wind’s power to provide a greenhouse gas-free fuel, green jobs, energy independence and green growth, now is your chance. Take a look at the Global Wind Day website to find out about open days and browse the selection of events in your country.

By Zoë Casey,