BYD Electric Cars to Arrive in Nederlands

The Netherlands Prince Maurits van Oranje, Vice Mayor of Rotterdam Mrs. A. van Huffelen, Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zhang Jun and BYD’s Henry Li (Auto Division GM) were all present for the signing ceremony in Rotterdam City Hall. As part of the 75-EV-RO project, the Rotterdam government plans to purchase 75 new energy vehicles of different types to create a new energy fleet in Rotterdam. These projects will not only popularize the concept of electrified transportation, but also resolve public concerns over vehicle safety, charging technology and local environment impact.

At the core of the electric car e6 technology is BYD’s Iron Phosphate or “Fe” battery technology. The Fe battery boasts the highest safety, longest service life and most environmentally friendly rechargeable chemistry. Integrating the “Fe” battery, the e6 (a 5-seat crossover all-electric vehicle) can travel up to 300 kM in range per charge.

The BYD e6 has been used as taxis in Shenzhen, China for over a year now and is referenced in the recent “BYD Fleet Summary” released April 29th, 2011. The fleet of 50 e6 Shenzhen taxis, in service since May 2010, have now surpassed 3 million kilometers in cumulative fleet miles.

The successful operation of the e6 taxis in Shenzhen for over a year now has proven it’s reliability according to BYD officials. “We are very proud to be a part of the ‘75-EV-RO’ project and we are very confident in the performance of our electric vehicles. We expect that our cooperation with Rotterdam government will be a big success”, said BYD’s Mr. Li.

“The Rotterdam Government has been committed to the development of cleaner transportation and aims to make Rotterdam a cleaner, greener and more healthy city of Europe. The ‘75-EV-RO’ is one of the hybrid/Electric vehicle pilot projects that we have in hand. We are looking forward to testing the e6 and think the e6 is a great choice for this project”, added Mrs. van Huffelen.

1 at the top of Bloomberg’s and BusinessWeek’s 2009 Tech 100 List and is the leading manufacturer of advanced, environmentally-friendly battery technologies like the BYD’s Iron Phosphate battery. BYD’s solar power panels and LED lighting systems have TUV/CE and UL listings, and the company enjoys rapid growth in consumer electronics space and automobile manufacturing under its BYD brand. With investments from Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) and MidAmerican Energy Holdings, today, BYD is the fastest-growing Chinese automotive and green energy technology manufacturer. The Company trades on the Hong Kong exchange (HKE) under the ticker numbers (HK.0285 – BYD Electronics) and (HK.1211 – BYD Company Ltd).