Pakistan can generate over 350,000 MW electricity through only wind power

Official sources in Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) told APP that the country’s has numerous resources to get energy and over 50,000 MW energy could be generated only in Gharo-Keti Bandar corridor where average wind speed is more than seven meter per second at only 60 meter height.

They said the corridor has potential twice of India and other sites in Balochistan, Punjab, and northern area, which are being identified for power generation.

Pakistan has amongst the world highest and fastest rising urbanization and electricity is available to only 61 percent of the population while natural gas to 21 per cent. Only 45 per cent of rural population has access to grid electricity and there is extreme shortage of electricity and gas leading to load-shedding.

The country’s economic growth is also suffering due to load-shedding of gas and power, leading to closures of industries, they added. They said the total installed and dependable capacity of the country’s power sector is 20,231 MW.

Giving breakup, they said 11,735 MW could be get from public sector while 8,496 MW from private sector. “By switching to alternative energy means, Pakistan can reduce dependence on imported oil, running into billions dollars and undermining economic development,” they observed.

They said Mexico, Iran, India, USA, UK, China, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and Jordan have recently placed orders at the states/utility level for wind turbines. USA announced $ 150 billion investment in renewable energy over 10 years, Japan $ 12.2 billion in five years, China $ 15 billion in two years and South Korea $ 36 billion over four years.

It is pertinent to mention that USA has wind farm installed capacity of 40,000 MW from wind, Japan 20000 MW, India 10,000 MW, Greece 1,000 MW, Egypt 365 MW, Iran 85 and Pakistan 6 MW.