Electric Vehicles Era Starts in Poland

Company belonging to a Polish billionaire Jan Kulczyk builds a network of 300 charging points in 14 cities. The investment will repay itself in 3-5 years – estimates the CEO of e + Przemyslaw Laszczewski.

Electric cars are increasingly popular on the Polish market. There is already the electric car Mitsubishi i-MiEV with lithium ion batteries available, this year we wait for a release of Peugeot iOn, Citroen C-Zero and Berlingo or Opel Ampera.

However their sales meet several obstacles. The first is the high price of electric cars (i-MiEV costs over 160 thousand. Z³), and the second – lack of a widely accessible network of charging points. Meanwhile, the range of Japanese car is only up to 150 km.

So far there is no solution for the first problem. A company called e + is planning to tackle the second obstacle. 70 percent of the company is owned by Polenergia (which is a part of Kulczyk Investments) and the Israeli company Alva Technologies. From yesterday 12 charging points will be operating in four shopping centres in Warsaw. The plans, however, are much greater.

By the end of this year we want to establish a total of 50 charging points in Warsaw. By 2013, the network should consist of 300 points located in 14 major Polish cities – says Przemyslaw Laszczewski, the CEO of e +.