Wind turbines Kenersys debuts in the US at Wind Power 2011

World Premiere of K110 2.4MW turbine – Introducing the complete multi-megawatt turbine family including K110 2.4MW, K100 2.5MW, K82 2.0MW on several different hub heights – Kenersys sees great potential for its products for low and medium wind speed sites in the US – Partnering with Lincoln Electric for show case project in Cleveland, Ohio

Wind turbine manufacturer Kenersys has officially announced that the company enters the US market at the Wind Power 2011 in Anaheim introducing the complete family of multi-megawatt turbines with spearheading Synerdrive technology, including the brand new Kenersys K110 2.4 MW.

According to Paulo Fernando Soares, Kenersys Group CEO: “The USA are one of the most important and most promising wind energy markets in the world and we see a great future for Kenersys with its broad range of multi-megawatt on-shore wind turbines that make even low and medium wind speed sites highly competitive”. And he adds: “When Kenersys started in 2007 in Europe and Asia-Pacific, the US have already been an instrumental part of our growth strategy. In the last years Kenersys has built up the turbine platforms and facilities, now we count renowned customers among our clients and we have plans to spearhead the rapidly expanding market of multi-megawatt turbines in the US”.

Partnering with Lincoln Electric for its US showcase

During the AWEA Wind Power 2011 in Anaheim Kenersys starts to set up the first turbine K100 2.5MW on US ground for Lincoln Electric at its world headquarters in Ohio. The K100 2.5MW turbine is the largest in Ohio and one of the largest in North America. K100 2.5 MW was introduced 2009 to Europe as a prototype for Vattenfall, one of the largest utilities and wind farm owners in Europe. It is actually the best performing turbine in the complete Vattenfall onshore turbine fleet.

Seth Mason, Lincoln Electric’s Energy Manager states: “Lincoln Electric is the world leader in welding products and solutions. We are proud to be partner with Kenersys in the US on wind turbine projects. Kenersys turbines are playing an important role in the present and future wind market. This turbine will bring national recognition for renewable energy.” Lincoln Electric manufactures the robotic welding machines for the towers for wind turbines and would like to have an example to display at their world headquarters.

Spearheading Synerdrive Technology Turbine Family

“We have a complete family of the largest wind turbines in the wind market and, with our cutting-edge Synerdrive Technology, we provide premium, high quality and highly efficient wind turbines and premium services for a maximum energy yield and grid stability, suited for all wind markets world wide. These turbines run successfully under strictest grid codes in Germany as well as in the weak grids and under harsh climate conditions – in cold climates in Sweden as well as in hot climates in India. We now can showcase this reliability with our Lincoln turbine to our potential customers in the US”, Soares promises.
The Kenersys Synerdrive Technology is an innovative, unique synergy of a classic, proven, load optimized mechanical drive train with a cutting edge electrical architecture based on a electrically excited synchronous generator and a full conversion system.

Synerdrive Technology comprises the “Gridshaper” full conversion system for a smooth and stable power output and makes the turbines suitable also for weaker grids as well as for toughest grid codes. A special converter system, the patented Internal Supply Unit even keeps the turbine in an idling mode during a grid down-time. This system therefore backs the power electronics and the turbine can immediately start production after the grid is back.

This Synerdrive Technology besides guarantees an uninterrupted power supply, also ensures high efficiency, reliability and a maximum availability of the turbines and enables easy maintenance of the machines. All Kenersys turbines are based on this Synerdrive Technology concept.

World Premiere of Kenersys K110 2.4 MW

The brand new K110 2.4 MW product marks a fitting addition to the Kenersys product portfolio. This Class III turbine represents the next step in the company’s evolutionary product portfolio and expands Kenersys capabilities to serve low wind speed sites with the lowest Cost of Energy and a highest capacity factor.

In US more and more wind farm sites generally fall in low and moderate wind regimes and K110 2.4MW is hopeful of aiding KENERSYS attain significant expansion to be able to cover a broad range of wind conditions. The product will therefore help the company to explore previously unexplored wind sites in the nation, giving it a distinct competitive advantage.
Equipped with a 109 meter rotor diameter, a swept area of 9331 sqm, 2400 KW rated power and tower heights of 95 and 135 meters, the K110 2.4 MW wind turbine is one of the largest turbines in the country.

Sound Global Track Record with Renowned Customers

Started in 2007, the company with its global Headquarters and Global Technology Center in Germany is on track with a global production capacity of 1000MW. Utilities like international utility company Vattenfall, Indian IPP Tata Power or German project developers like Juwi rely on the Kenersys turbines.

“We are not only providing highly efficient and reliable turbine, we also support our customers right from the start and during the complete project development phase, like we do with Lincoln Electric. This concept is highly appreciated by smaller European customers and is ideally suited also for Community Wind projects in the US”, Soares is convinced.

Kenersys company background

KENERSYS is a worldwide operating manufacturer of wind turbine generators. Founded in 2003 as an engineering company focused on wind, the company has become part of the Kalyani Group since 2007. In April 2008 First Reserve Corporation (, US based leading energy thrived private equity firm, with over USD 12.5 billion funds under its belt and USD 1.2 billion invested and committed to alternate and renewable energy companies, invested in KENERSYS.

KENERSYS has global, aggressive and detailed plans that are well underway to emerge as a competitive provider of wind energy products and services. The KENERSYS Global Technology Center based in Muenster, Germany, has developed a complete familiy of multi-megawatt onshore turbines, the K82 2.0MW turbine with 82 m rotor diameter and the K100 2.5 MW turbine with 100m rotor diameter for IEC Type Class II and III sites, and the K110 2.4MW with 109 meters rotor especially for IEC III sites.

KENERSYS wind turbines are robust and designed to withstand the different climatic and operational conditions. The major components used in the KENERSYS turbines are sourced from reputed suppliers globally with proven product track record. KENERSYS turbines are designed to meet the new grid code requirements which include the Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT). KENERSYS Synerdrive Technology turbines are also equipped with patented Internal Supply Unit (ISU) & Full Conversion System which enables the wind turbines to fulfill all stringent grid codes.