Largest K-12 Solar Power and Energy Efficiency Program in U.S

East Side Union High School District and Chevron Energy Solutions announced today the completion of construction for the largest K-12 solar and energy efficiency program in the United States. The program is expected to generate $43 million in savings through a 7.1 MW solar and energy efficiency project on 13 sites.

"Our new solar energy system and the numerous energy efficiency improvements we have made as part of this program will generate savings in the first year equivalent to the funding required for approximately 30 teacher jobs and improve the learning environment," said Lan Nguyen, president of the East Side Union High School District Board. "At a time when our district is being forced to absorb painful budget cuts, due to the continued economic downturn, this program is a huge reason to celebrate."

East Side Union High School District expects the program will offset its annual electrical usage by more than 55 percent and supports California’s clean energy goals. As a result, the district expects to reduce its purchase of utility power and in turn, reduce carbon emissions by more than 4,900 metric tons, equivalent to more than 800 football fields of pine forests. In addition, Chevron Energy Solutions delivered professional development for teachers that provided curriculum and hands-on experiments aligned with state standards helping to create a living laboratory to empower environmental awareness and energy consciousness.

Chevron Energy Solutions designed, constructed, operates, maintains, measures and guarantees the solar system’s performance for the district. The company also engineered and installed the energy efficiency improvements at the district including lighting upgrades and installation of premium efficiency motors. Chevron Energy Solutions is one of the largest installers of solar power in the U.S. education market and has developed hundreds of projects that improve energy efficiency and provide renewable power for education, government and business facilities.

"We are pleased to collaborate with East Side Union High School District to enhance the learning environment and to help save teacher jobs," said Jim Davis, president of Chevron Energy Solutions. "The district is creating critical budget relief in an economic environment, which demands creative, responsible strategies."

An event to celebrate the completion of this solar and energy efficiency project is being held today at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose. Students, district representatives, government and business officials are expected to attend the event.

Chevron Energy Solutions develops and builds sustainable energy projects that increase energy efficiency and renewable power, reduce energy costs, and ensure reliable, high-quality energy for government, education and business facilities. Its parent, Chevron Corporation, is investing across the energy spectrum to develop energy sources for future generations by expanding the capabilities of alternative and renewable energy technologies. Chevron has spent approximately $4.4 billion on renewable energy and efficiency since 2002, and expects to spend $2.2 billion in this area between 2011 and 2013.

East Side Union High School District encompasses a 180 square mile area of San Jose. Serving nearly 24,000 students at its 18 high schools, it is one of the largest high school districts in California.