GM to Install Solar Power to Power Volt Electric Vehicles

General Motors has announced its intention to construct a photovoltaic solar energy array at their Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

The electricity generated from the installation will be used to power the Chevrolet Volt electric car with lithium ion batteries manufactured by GM. GM has chosen the Detroit-Hamtramck facility to use its vast space availability and to power the Volt electric cars produced from the plant.

The 512 kW solar installation will be completed over six acres of land located at the south side of the plant. The installation to be completed with an investment of around $3 million from DTE Energy will generate enough electricity to charge 150 electric cars and with its increased power generation capability will charge around 54,750 Volt electric cars every year. The solar installation to be placed over the south facing side of the plant is anticipated to increase the solar power production efficiency.

The solar installation planned over an area of 264,000 square foot is anticipated to be finished by the end of summer. The 20 year accord signed by GM with DTE Energy will allow the company to save around $15,000 every year. In the USA, GM consumes nearly 1.4% of its power requirement from renewable energy sources.

The other clean energy initiatives incorporated at the plant include an oxidizer that considerably cuts down the discharge of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the plant into the air and fitting of efficient lightings and other clean projects that enabled the plant to save over $3 million every year on its energy spending.