Oman – MoU to support solar energy

Golden Dunes International LLC (GDI), pioneers and founders of Gulf International Pipe Industry LLC, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a renowned Korean energy solutions provider, Kwan Won Engineering and Construction, to deliver cutting-edge solar energy solutions to Oman.

Envisioned in Phase 1 of the project is a 5-megawatt demo project due to be constructed as soon as all the necessary formalities are completed, "This major commitment to solar power is a direct result of the progressive energy policies being adopted in Oman to form a sustainable, long-term diversification from traditional energy sources and secure a low carbon future for the Sultanate," Hamdan al Shaqsy, Chairman of GDI, said at the signing ceremony.

"We’re proud to be announcing this precedent-setting project today. It represents an encouraging step forward towards the mass-scale deployment of solar power in the region to help mitigate climate change concerns." The project is expected to operate under a feed-in-tariff which will guarantee the pricing of electricity produced by the solar plant over a long-term period.

"The PAEW feed-in tariff will be critical to this project," Al Shaqsy said. "We are proud to have in Oman forward-looking government policy which is necessary to make a strong renewable energy market, which is necessary to facilitate and justify the needed investment for construction of such projects in Oman.

These progressive policies will in turn drive the future cost of solar power electricity closer to ‘grid parity’ — where it will become competitive with depleting traditional energy sources."

"As solar energy industry’s global technology leaders, Kwan Won are very pleased to be partnering with GDI in a project of such significance to the Sultanate’s low carbon future," said Lee Yong Ho, CEO and President of Kwan Won Engineering and Construction based in the Republic of Korea.

Lee added: "Among other activities, besides the solar power network, Kwan Won have also agreed to provide GDI, under a separate agreement, all equipment and support services on gantry crane automation work, power distribution network, power transmission networking servic.