The Solar Power Future: Module Photovoltaic Technologies

The one-day event, "The Solar Future: Module Technologies” will take place on June 7, in Munich, Germany, in the run-up to the world’s largest solar trade fair, “Intersolar Europe”. The conference is aimed at project developers, installers, contractors, investors and bankers. In addition to the current technological developments in solar cells and thin film modules, the potential for cost reductions will be addressed.

"The conference is a must for anyone seeking information about market and technology trends for solar cells and modules and the roadmaps of the leading manufacturers," says Edwin Koot, CEO of the Dutch service provider SolarPlaza.

Manufacturers and analysts will present the latest technological developments and give market forecasts for the next three to five years. International researchers and experts will update the participants about the latest research results, including the so-called third generation modules and organic cells. Which solar module is the best? Which technological developments can we expect in the coming years? And how much will prices fall? All these issues will be addressed by the experts.

The extensive networking time will offer an excellent platform for knowledge exchange. Discussions and Q & A sessions, with manufacturers, researchers, analysts, general contractors and bankers on the stage, will wrap up the program. The experts will discuss for example which module technologies deliver the highest energy yield and which will be the leading technologies in five years. The speakers include, among others, iSuppli analyst Henning Wicht, First Solar’s managing director Stephen Hansen and professor Ayodhya N. Tiwari, head of the PV laboratory at the research institute EMPA in Switzerland.