Wind Farm in Texas to Utilize Proven DeWind 2MW D8.2 Wind Turbines

The 20 MW Frisco wind power project is the latest addition to the DeWind wind energy project portfolio in the Northern Texas Panhandle region, where the nearby 20 MW Little Pringle wind farm, built and owned by DeWind, has been in operation since fall 2010.

DeWind will install 10 of its proven 2 MW D8.2 wind turbines at the Frisco wind farm, which is scheduled to be in commercial operation by the end of 2011. The D8.2 wind turbines will be furnished from DeWind assembly contractor TECO-Westinghouse located in Round Rock, Texas.

“We are excited to be working with DeWind on this and other project opportunities,” said Jay Lobit, President of Distributed Wind Systems. “We look forward to further assisting DeWind as it proceeds with implementing its vision of quickly becoming a major force in the US Wind industry.”

The 2 MW DeWind D8.2 wind turbine model, first installed in 2007, is based upon proven DeWind 2 MW wind turbine technology. DeWind’s heritage in the 2 MW class dates back to 2002 when the first DeWind 2 MW wind turbines entered commercial operation. The grid-friendly design of the D8.2 uniquely provides grid-support capability to all grid applications. In the past, DeWind turbines have been installed in environments ranging from sea level to high elevations in excess of 14,000 ft., in climates from desert heat to extreme cold. Currently, DeWind 2 MW turbines are installed and operating in numerous locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US.