Spain tops Germany as Europe?s number one wind energy producer

Last year some 16.4% of Spain’s electricity demand was met by wind turbines, AEE have declared. Germany – where wind power covered 6.2% of the electricity demand in 2010 – still remains Europe’s number one in terms of installed wind farm capacity with 27,214 megawatts, while Spain has 20,676 MW.

These figures show the “good performance of the system”, AEE said. Spain was buffeted by higher wind levels compared to Germany in 2010, its turbines are more modern than their German counterparts, and wind energy benefits from a better system for integrating renewable energy into the grid in Spain, according to AEE.

Meanwhile, the Red Electrica de Espana has released figures revealing that wind energy produced the most electricity of all Spain’s power-producing technologies in March. Wind produced 21%, followed by nuclear at 19% and hydroelectric at 17.3%.

The AEE is now calling on the Spanish government to set a new regulatory framework to replace the existing system which expires at the end of 2012. The current success of Spanish wind power shows the system is working and the current arrangements should be extended, AEE said.

By Zoë Casey,