Endesa signs agreement with Renault to promote electric vehicles in Colombia

The group will contribute the know-how and experience gained from similar projects in Spain and Italy. Developing e-mobility is one of the company’s strategic objectives to combat climate change.

Endesa, through its distribution company in Colombia, Codensa, has signed a partnership agreement with Renault to the promote electric car and e-mobility in the country. It will explore various facets of the regulation involved, as well as the commercial and energy aspects of rolling out this technology there.

Endesa brings its know-how and experience from similar schemes in Europe, namely Spain and Italy (through Enel, Endesa’s main shareholder). The experience in developing technologies and recharging grids, ensuring reliability of electricity supply, use of the most successful business models and its knowledge of the various regulatory issues all stand it in good stead.

As part of its 2008-2013 Strategic Sustainability Plan, Endesa has singled out the development of a sustainable transport model using the electric vehicle as one of its main strategies to combat climate change. As one of the leading players in this field in Europe and Latin America, it should play a key part in rolling this out in Colombia.

“We aim to become the leading e-mobility group in Spain and Latin America and are seeking collaboration agreements with the market’s leading players, such as Renault. We will pool our knowledge and abilities to ensure that we are well prepared for the mass rollout of the electric vehicle in Colombia” stated Lucio Rubio, Endesa’s General Manager in Colombia.

In fact, Colombia looks set to become one of the most interesting markets for the future development of e-mobility in Latin America is it boasts one of the cleanest energy mixes thanks to the large share of renewable energy. Over the past two years Codensa has worked closely with the government and various sector bodies, while establishing platforms to discuss issues on both mass electric powered vehicles and individual transport, including the electric car.

Meanwhile, Chilectra, Endesa’s distribution company in Chile, is making headway on Latin America’s first quick charging station in Santiago, where the first electric vehicles will be introduced.