Electric Vehicles Report 2011

This 2011 edition examines the key aspects of EV development and the issues affecting demand. The report includes detailed sections on EV Technology (batteries/energy storage/Ultra-Capacitors/Regenerative Braking), Electric Motors (Motor Technology, In-Wheel Motors, Electric Corner Modules, Range Extenders) and Grid connectivity and charging infrastructure (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Evse), Inductive Charging).

The report also includes sections on Market Development and OEM and Vehicle Programmes along with profiles of 26 key industry suppliers.

Background to this research

The technology development surrounding EVs is significantly different and more far-reaching than the developments that have driven the hybrid sector to date. Not only are there technology boundaries to be pushed in terms of individual components – such as electric motors, control electronics, and energy storage and vehicle control systems – the characteristics of the EV are such that issues such as lightweighting are paramount.

Advances in weight saving and the rapid development of enabling technologies is having a profound effect on cutting down the traditional disadvantages of the "conventional" EV powertrain.

Key Topics Covered:


* A Brief History of Electric Vehicles
* Key Aspects of EV Development
* New technologies
* Potential technology issues
* New players, relationships and collaborations
* EV as part of a range of powertrain solutions
* EVs and new markets
* Issues Affecting EV Demand
* Consumer demand issues
* Fuel economy and CO2 reduction
* Fuel prices
* Issues Affecting EV Development
* Challenges to EV development

EV Technology

* Batteries and Energy Storage
* Energy and power density
* Technology cost
* Safety
* Lithium chemistries
* Other battery chemistries
* Major Advanced Battery Suppliers
* Ultra-Capacitors
* Regenerative Braking

Electric Motors

* Motor Technology
* DC Motors
* Brushed Motors
* Synchronous DC Motors
* Axial Flux Motors
* In-Wheel Motors
* Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle
* Honda
* Protean Electric
* Electric Corner Modules
* Michelin’s ActiveWheel electric propulsion system
* Continental’s eCorner
* Range Extenders
* The Electric Vehicles Report
* Metals Availability And Cost
* Lithium

Grid connectivity and charging infrastructure

* Grid connectivity standardisation
* Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Evse)
* Charging stations
* Inductive Charging
* Battery exchange systems
* Market Development
* OEM and Vehicle Programmes
* 2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles

Supplier Profiles

* A123 Systems
* Aleees
* Amberjac
* Amperex
* Axion Power
* Blue Energy Japan
* Deutsche Accumtoive
* Dow Kokam
* Ener1Envia
* E-One Moli
* European Batteries
* Exide Technologies
* FZ SoNick
* Johnson Controls
* LG Chem
* Lithium Energy Japan
* Panasonic
* Primearth Ev Energy
* Saft
* SB LiMotive
* SK Energy
* Valence
* Winston Battery