GE Showcases 4.1-113 Offshore Wind Turbines at EWEA 2011

GE has launched its new 4.1-113 wind turbine, a 4 MW turbine at the European Wind Energy Association’s EWEA 2011 and declared that it has contracted an accord with Göteborg Energi for the installation of a 4.1-113 wind turbine in the Gothenburg, Sweden harbor and provide the allied services required for such installation.

Swedish Energy Agency supports this project through its technology program thus showcasing its interest in offshore wind power technology.

GE has developed its 4.1-113 design over its proven 3.5 MW direct drive model wind turbine. The direct-drive technology incorporated in the new wind turbine requires fewer number of moving parts and comes with a reliable proven design to operate on offshore wind production.

The new technology does away with the requirement of expensive gearbox parts, thus lowering the maintenance expenses. The modular type of construction enables easy onsite repair and dispense with the need of utilizing heavy larger vessels to carry the wind turbine for repair. The blade design of the turbine is optimized for increased power production. The Advanced Loads Control solution included in the wind turbine design assists in the reduction of external forces influence over the machine and reduces the cost spent on erection of foundation.

GE considers the Gothenburg harbor project as a part of its growth plan in Europe constituting an investment of 340 million Euros in offshore wind generation business.