In 2010, impressive growth of solar power photovoltaic in Europe

In 2010 solar power photovoltaic was the leading renewable energy technology. According to a report from EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) – 13.000 MW were installed, so that Europe’s cumulative installed capacity amounted to more than 28,000 MW. By way of comparison, wind capacity addition in 2010 amounted to 9,300 MW, including offshore plants.

“The growth of PV has simply been impressive. Decreasing cost, new applications, strong investor interest and continued political support have contributed to this development, making PV the number one green technology in terms of capacity addition”, said Ingmar Wilhelm, president of EPIA.

Wilhelm added that PV has become an established technology, which is contributing to the progressive decarbonisation of our energy mix and which should be further exploited by Member States to reach their renewable targets.

According to EPIA, thanks to the fast-paced cost reduction that is taking place within this industry, “grid parity” for household installations will actually be achieved in several countries of the European Union.