Winslow to Build Wind Energy Plant in Bulgaria

The news was announced Wednesday after the decision of the Bulgarian Environmental Minister Nona Karadzhova, in which the authorities demand an assessment of the wind farm project’s environmental impact.

The Winslow Wind Power will be located in the village of Yagnilo, in the Vetrino Municipality. The total capacity of the plant will be 105 MW.

The largest wind energy plant in Bulgaria is the 156-MW "St. Nikola" near the Black Sea town of Kavarna, which started operating in 20009. The plant is owned by AES Geo Power.

Another investment project, which is to undergo an environmental assessment, is a 10-MW wind power plant near the town of Apriltsi, in the Lovech Province, by the company Mira-El. The area falls within the "Bulgarka Natural Park", which is a protected area.