Contact Energy Gets Approval for Hauauru ma raki Wind Farm

Contact Energy, a Wellington, New Zealand-based energy generating and retailing company, declared that it has obtained a draft approval for the Hauauru ma raki wind power development project planned over the west coast of the North Island located in the Waikato region.

The draft approval aims to concede resource approval for the installation of 168 wind turbines and description of the required transmission lines to connect the power generated by the wind turbines. Graham Cockroft, COO of Contact, expressed his happiness about the draft approval and added that the company will communicate its reply to the conveyed decisions in the next few weeks time.

The proposed Hauauru ma raki wind farm will incorporate 168 wind turbines and generate around 504 MW of wind energy to power approximately 170,000 normal homes. The wind farm site extends from four kilometers south of Port Waikato to Te Akau and is located 10 kilometers north of Raglan.