AMSC to Supply Wind Turbines Control Systems to Dongfang Turbine

The control systems will be employed in the Dongfang turbine’s 3 MW and 5 MW full conversion wind turbines it designed and developed in partnership with AMSC.

According to Ren Jiafu, Dongfang Turbine’s Vice General Manager, the company is introducing its new wind turbines with ultimate power quality and grid compatibility to sustain its leading position in the global wind turbine market. The company will deploy the AMSC supplied electrical control systems in its first batch of 3 MW and 5 MW wind turbines and will optionally upgrade the 5 MW turbines to 5.5 MW.

According to Greg Yurek, AMSC’s Founder and CEO, the new wind turbines from DTC are designed for both land and offshore applications. While the DTC’s 3 MW wind turbine can be utilized both for land and offshore applications the 5 MW wind turbine is more suited to offshore applications.

AMSC will supply the electrical control systems to DTC during 2011. DTC in turn is preparing to make volume shipment of the wind turbines in 2012.