China has largest electric vehicles charging network

At present, the pilot project of China’s electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities has been completed and put into operation, and China now boasts the most extensive charging facilities in the word.

China’s facilities include nearly 90 standard charge and replacement power stations, almost 5,200 charger and 7,000 AC charge spots, covering 26 provinces in China, including Hangzhou, which built charging and replacement power service networks for electric vehicles.

China imported about 240 million tons of crude oil in 2010, which means it was nearly 54 percent dependent on foreign sources, and cars accounted for 40 percent of national oil consumption. Globally, the vehicle emissions of carbon dioxide accounted for 28 percent of the total. Electric vehicles have high efficiency, low noise, zero emissions and other significant advantages, which is why the development of this technology has become a consensus at home and abroad.

Power supply for electric vehicles is essential for the development of electric vehicle industry. Currently, the National Grid has established a laboratory of electric vehicle battery characteristics.

In 2011, the National Grid will build intercity cross intelligent charge and replacement power service network in the Bohai Rim region and the Yangtze River Delta. The agency predicted that the number of China’s electric vehicles will reach 500,000 in 2015. To meet the requirements of the development of electric vehicles, the State Grid will build 2,351 charge and replacement power stations and 220,000 charge spots during 12th Five-Year Plan period to initially complete the intelligent charge and replacement power service network covering the business area and vigorously promote the development of electric vehicles in China.